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Gourmet Granola

Gourmet Granola

Gourmet Granola, a brand new online granola retailer from Notting Hill, approached Creative Made to design and develop a fully content-managed e-commerce site for them, along with all company branding and graphics work. The site lets users 'get mixing' by selecting all the ingredients they want for their own customised granola mix, naming it and then having it delivered to their front door.

The site features a beautifully simple, flowing interface that features new ingredients, limited-edition monthly pre-mixes and special offers. Using jQuery (a really cool JavaScript library) we animated all of the pages to get away from the usual 'static' effect on most e-commerce sites and make it as easy as possible for the user to move around. There's also a few lovely bits of AJAX in there, with a dynamic 'mixing bowl' that fills up and shakes around as more ingredients are added to a mix, and a 'nutrition calculator' which works out all the nutritional information on-the-fly, including recommended daily allowances and calorie count.

The CMS we used is DotNetNuke, a totally customisable system built on the Microsoft .NET framework.

To take a look, and maybe even mix some granola, visit Gourmet Granola!